• Farewell Spit

    Farewell Spit Nature Reserve .

    Farewell Spit is New Zealand’s longest sand spit, located a 30 minutes drive away at the northern end of the Golden Bay, South Island of New Zealand.  Take a guided tour of this internationally-renowned bird sanctuary with  Farewell Spit Tours (departure point located across the road from Collingwood Park Motel) or visit the Farewell Spit café and visitors centre and explore Puponga Farm Park on foot.


  • Wharariki Beach

    Wharariki Road | Near Farewell Spit/Cape Farewell, New Zealand .

    A landscape of bold cliff lines, high arches, caves, rock bridges, line after line of massive dunes. The renowned Wharariki Beach is one of the best remote beaches in New Zealand. The beach is accessible only via a 20 minute walking track from the end of Wharariki Road, and is best viewed around low tide when all the sand and rock formations are exposed and you can walk the full length of the beach.  See seals on the beach and playing in the rock pools, sand dunes, fabulous rock formations, and spectacular sunsets. 

  • Whanganui Inlet

    Whanganui Inlet .

    Westhaven Inlet Marine Reserve (Whanganui Inlet) and Mangarakau Swamp Reserve

    A leisurely drive around this beautiful inlet provides views of the estuary and the coastal forest and may allow you to see or hear sea or forest birds.

    In the Mangarakau Swamp Reserve, the largest remaining freshwater wetland, are short walking tracks.

    At the Patarau River the road accesses the beach, providing a great opportunity, at lowish tide, for a walk on a West Coast beach.

  • Natural Wildlife

    1 Tasman Street, Collingwood .

    Experience the natural wildlife of New Zealand up close with a natural wildlife experience in Collingwood. See endangered species, unique birds, animals and plants and current conservation projects aimed at preserving our wildlife. Bird life abounds on the estuary especially at low tide and gannets can be seen feeding from the nearby beach. Milnethorpe Park nearby which connects via the beach to Collingwood has numerous paths to explore. Farewell Spit Eco Tours provide opportunities for gannet viewing and also a special Wader Bird tour. Wharariki Beach is becoming renowned for the displays provided by young seals as they perform in rock pools at low tide. The safe Collingwood Beach provides opportunities for young and old to gather shells and construct hideaways!

  • Collingwood

    Colllingwood, Golden Bay, New Zealand .

    Collingwood is a small historic town in Golden Bay, rich in local history and tales from the gold-mining era. First settled in 1842 and named Gibbstown, today's Collingwood is a mixture of old and new. The name Collingwood is derived from Lord Nelson's first lieutenant, later Admiral Lord Collingwood. There is a fascinating Heritage Walk that takes in the history of Collingwood by following panels placed strategically around the township. Start your walk at Panel 1 Elizabeth Street.

    Time should also be allowed to visit local attractions, such as the Devil's Boots, Aorere Goldfields, Farewell Spit, Wharariki Beach, Westhaven Inlet, Kaihoka Lakes, Puponga Farm Park, historic Langford Store and the remains of the Salisbury swingbridge over the spectacular gorge of the Aorere River.

  • Heaphy Track

    Brown Hut, Kahurangi National Park 7073 .

    The Heaphy Track is located in the Kahurangi National Park, in the north west of the South Island and is three quarters of an hour by car from the Collingwood Park Motel. This walking track takes 3-5 days and hut accommodation must be booked.

    From May until the end of November the track is open to mountain bikers and Collingwood Park is an ideal place to stay at the beginning or end of your trip. There are several options for transport between the track and your vehicle. Adventure Flights Golden Bay have begun operating an aircraft which will transport 5 cyclists, luggage and complete bikes to assist your trip.

    This track is inhabited by numerous native birds and includes native beech forest, exposed alpine tussock and a walk through nikau palms with the wild sea of the West Coast beside you.

    For more information visit Heaphy Track website and DOC website.

  • Saltwater Fly Fishing

    Collingwood .

    Collingwood is one of the best places in the world to catch a Yellowtail Kingfish on saltwater fly. 

    The gin clear water of Golden Bay is the perfect place to spot and cast to these powerful fish. Kingfish are relatively easy to find in go conditions. The best way is to find them swimming with stingrays. They use the stingrays to provide them with cover as they search for food. 

    There is a guide based locally and he was the pioneer of the fishery.  Join him to experience the thrill of capturing Kingfish on the fly or sight fishing to the region's numerous brown trout. 

  • Mussel Inn

    1259 Takaka-Collingwood Highway, Onekaka .

    The world renowned Mussel Inn with a micro brewery and excellent meals (not just mussels) is just a 10 minute drive away.

  • Milnthorpe Park

    1891-1901 Takaka-Collingwood Hwy, Parapara 7182, New Zealand .

    Located just 5 minutes from Collingwood, Milnthorpe Park is a scenic reserve and arboretum, with recreational walking tracks set amongst re-generating forests, swamps, tidal inlet and Golden Bay beachfront. 

    The Park is dedicated to the planting of trees, to replenishing a once barren land and to nurturing diversity of wildlife habitat.

  • Estuary Arts

    Highway 60, Para Para, Golden Bay, New Zealand .

    Rosie Little and partner Bruce Hamlin together create an extensive range of art work in ceramic and glass, as well as acrylic and watercolour paintings. While each has specific talents, ideas freely flow between them and they collaborate on many pieces. Nature is their inspiration: the hills, mountains and tidal estuaries of Golden Bay and Nelson; flora and fauna, the sea and the human form provide design motifs for this creative couple. The gallery  is nestled in a bush garden overlooking the Parapara estuary in Golden Bay, and has been developed to be a peaceful sanctuary for Rosie and Bruce to create their works and welcome visitors October - April.  They also have a permanent display at Collingwood Park Motel.

  • Arts Trail

    Golden Bay .

    Golden Bay has long been known for the quality and quantity of its art. There are many artists and craftspeople showing and selling their work and maps available to assist you to find their studios. Golden Bay is a haven for art lovers with artists, potters, weavers, silversmiths and jewellers all within a short distance.